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A bit about me

My name is Jordan Blake, and I'm a student at the University of Lincoln with my final work handed in (May 2015) and currently seeking employment in the games industry. I'm interested in finding a job learning about back-end console development, and expanding my experience programming game mechanics. Some of the areas I have experience in are:

I'd love to talk about any job opportunities, so please get in touch by email! Or if you'd just like to chat about any of the projects listed here (or anything else), don't hesitate to contact me.


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Cross-Platform 2D Game Framework

An XNA/MonoGame-like game framework designed for quickly prototyping and deploying games

Procedural Generation of Race Tracks

A system for the procedural generation of race tracks in an existing racing game, TORCS. Published at EUROSIS GameOn September 2014.

WP8 Song Finder

Lets a user search for a TV show or movie and find songs that appear in it. Integration with external services allows the user to find out more information about the related show, movie, or song.

Other projects

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