Jordan Blake
Driven software developer with a passion for creating complete end user experiences, with 3 years professional experience integrating new features into existing deployed projects, and demonstrable personal experience across a variety of different technologies and platforms.


Code snippets

Cross-platform game engine written in C++
TV Song App
Windows Phone 8 app to find songs from TV shows and movies
Mixed-reality Museum Game
Mixed-reality mobile game taking place in the Museum of Lincolnshire Life
Tiny template library, a small replacement for a subset of the C++ STL
Robot Navigation
Probabilistic detection of objects in real-time navigation
Video segmentation of moving objects
Image segmentation separating moving objects in video footage
PhysX Pinball
Practicing OpenGL with PhysX integration
Mega Man 2 password generator
Generates passwords for different Mega Man 2 save states
The Binding of Isaac character picker
Video game character picker
PCG Race Tracks
Procedurally generated race tracks in an open source game
Coyote Chase
Two-day XNA game
Major Manors
Team game jam with XNA