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A project tasked to University of Lincoln students to create software for a robot that would enter an "arena" against another robot, and act as either a predator (hunting the other robot) or "prey" (attempting to flee from the other robot). They would have to perform their task as optimally as possible, navigating around obstacles (cardboard boxes) in the arena.

For this task, consumer robots called Rovios were used. They are equipped with a camera (maximum resolution 640x480), three omni-directional wheels, and rudimentary odometry. Though they are intended for home use (primarily for environment monitoring whilst away, through a online browser interface) they proved to be fun tools for our purposes.

I chose to implement a "predator" type that would have to catch the other robot as quickly as possible. Challenges faced included tracking the opponent robot, navigating around obstacles (where the opposing robot may hide), and navigating the 3x2 metre space as efficiently as possible.

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