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Windows Phone 8 App

A Windows Phone 8 application that allows the user to search for a television show or movie, and receive a list of songs that play during the show/movie's runtime. When available, a song preview is available via iTunes and artist information is available via This application is made possible through the TuneFind API.

Video preview


The main page of the application allows the user to make a search, as well as view their previous and saved searches.

Searching for a movie brings the user to a page of possible matches. Selecting a search result brings up an overview of the movie alongside a list of songs (if available).

Searching for a valid television show brings the user to a list of seasons and episodes, as well as an overview of the show, and its airing status. Selecting an episode brings the user to a list of songs.

Selecting a song from either the television or movie result loads an audio preview of the track, as well as purchase links and an artist biography.

The user experience continues outside of the app in the form of tiles. A tile of an individual show or movie can be added, as well as a live tile that cycles through the user's saved searches. Images of shows or movies are also available to add as lock screen images.

The application is powered by the following services

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